Monday, February 11, 2013

Red Hot Rihanna

Shine Bright like a Diamond

Did anyone look hotter at the 55th Grammy's last night than Rihanna? If your answer is yes then I'm pretty sure we weren't watching the same show. Even the (3rd?) return of JT didn't bring sexy back quite like Ri Ri did. The young artist rocked a triple threat wardrobe change, each swap emerging just as breathtaking as the last. Her stellar choices for the red carpet and two performances could not have been more perfect. Rihanna also made the excellent decision not to mess with her soft, long, subtle ombre, waves. I'm sure hairdressers everywhere saw Rihanna's luscious locks and sensed the future rush of customer requests soon to flow through their salons. Perhaps we can't blame her for getting back together with he who must not be named. She may have devoted all her brain cells to choosing the perfect three looks for last nights award show. Welp, if that's the case those sure were brain cells well spent, she's certainly never looked better. Let's hope for the next award show dear Ri Ri just upgrades for some better arm candy. Preferably one that doesn't threaten bruising to the bombshell's beautiful money maker. 

One of the best gowns I've yet to witness on any red carpet is Rihanna's red hot custom made Azzedine Alaia gown. Custom made indeed, the dress fit her like a glove and that train was absolute perfection. Somewhere in the 90s the exchange between a mugger and Cher Horwitz was heard, "It's an Alaia." "An A-whatta?!"

Sticking with the brilliant Alaia, Rihanna emotionally performed her song "Stay," in a floor length body hugging black gown pulled from the gifted designers archives. Naturally the performance combined with the gorgeously simplistic black gown had the emo gothic high schooler in me weak at the knees. 

A celebrity can usually never go wrong with dresses originating from a fashion houses archives but it's also difficult to top a worst dressed list in vintage. Rihanna succeeded my expectations with a 3rd times the charm wardrobe change exposing one of her many but rarely seen tattoos. She joined the likes of Damian Marley and Bruno Mars to perform a Bob Marley tribute in a fantastic vintage two piece Luciano Soprani mid drift and floor length skirt. Rihanna was one celebrity of the night who didn't need to bare her full legs (just her nips) to steal the show both in attire and performance. Shine bright like a diamond she, and the Neil Lane jewels she was dripping in, did indeed. 

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