Thursday, August 30, 2012

Make a Statement

Goodbye Statement Necklaces, Hello Statement Earrings

It might be time to gather some ice cubes, some needles, and an apple or two. See scene in Parent Trap (LiLo's still innocent) when ears need to be pierced at summer camp with minimal resources in order to fool your parents when switching places with your estranged twin sister.  So those holes in your earlobes that haven't been utilized in quite some time, if you're like me then it's circa freshman year of high school when it was "cool" to put as many holes up your ear as the skin would allow, well, it's time to send a post through those nearly closed holes again. Statement earrings, multiple in one lobe even, are making a comeback. Maybe there's hope for my Gothic industrial bar I'm too scared to take out after all. Yes, the below is probably weighing this poor girl down like you wouldn't imagine but hey, beauty is pain and she looks stunning.

I will probably need to ease into this trend before whipping it out in full force. Mostly because when I wear dangly earrings out I tend to pass out/fall asleep with them still in resulting in a wake up to painful earlobes and broken expensive earrings worn once. Like I said before, I'm taking baby steps towards fashion maturity. With that, I'd ease into this trend with manrepeller's statement earring Jacquie Aiche ear bar stud below.

Grant it this trend should probably be freshly executed in the appropriate crowds. I'm not sure how attractive boys will find, let alone understand, a hot girl sporting the aggressive statement earring below. If looking to draw attention however, this is your in. What other purpose are statement earrings supposed to serve anyway?

This trend is reminiscent of some fabulous old time fashionistas like Brigitte Bardot, Twiggy, and Edie Sedgwick

Wednesday, August 29, 2012

Sex Sells

Sex Sells Shoes. Atwood's Shoes Also, Sell Shoes.

Sex sells and fashion was born to push all kinds of envelopes. So why ban Brian Atwood's Fall/Winter 2012 campaign billboard from atop his own store in Manhattan? The ban was granted by the building owners who reasoned the ad campaign was "too sexual." Um, hello. The ad features a total dark & handsome babe, who bears resemblance to Atwood himself, and Victoria Secret model Candice Swanepoel. Yes, it's sexual. But too sexual? I don't think so. Even more punishing, Atwood's video promoting his fall/winter collection originally made to play in the back of New York taxi's  has also been banned. They've settled on a PG version featuring a link to Atwood's website should taxi riders be intrigued to see more. Okay, maybe the fact the video features the VS model watching various rolls of pornography is a bit too racy for the eyes of all the screaming children who encompass New York cabs around Christmas time. But hey, they gotta learn somewhere. 

Not only are these ads hot but they're doing their job. I now desperately want, no NEED, these shoes. Shoe campaigns shouldn't be anything but sexy and over the top. Shoes are the single most sexy object of fashion a woman can wear. I mean I don't care if it was the Italians or the Egyptians who invented the high heel (as is commonly argued) but whoever it was, THANK YOU. Heels will fucking transform you. Not only do they physically elongate your legs and thin out your silhouette but strap a pair of some sexy stiletto platforms on my feet and I'm simultaneously convinced I'm a bombshell. So shoe advertising should naturally only reflect and focus on their extreme sex appeal. It's no secret, sex sells. Perfumes are the only excuse for a campaign that should compete on the sex o meter of ad campaigns with shoes. 

Accomplished shoe designers are constantly experimenting attempting to go where no designer has gone before. This causes many normal people to question if the shoe is too over the top, heinous, or in actuality, perfect. Their campaigns should ignite similar feelings of confusion over whether the ad's absolutely ridiculous or utterly amazing. (And of course ignite feelings of urgency to run out and drop over half a grand on a pair.) This campaign proves it's totally worth it. Purchasing a pair of Atwood's f/w 2012 collection seems to guarantee you one giant orgy!

With Rachel Zoe and Jessica Alba as two of his biggest promoters we should expect nothing but bigger and better from the talented and fairly young American designer. Some more jaw dropping Rachel Zoe die worthy Brian Atwood designs below.

Color block Leopard? Incredible.
My favorite Brian Atwood design..

Brian Atwood Fall/Winter 2012/2013 Presentation
Don't forget if you wish to see more of the banned video featuring the leggy VS model, it's available on Brian Atwood's website ;). 

Friday, August 24, 2012

Happy Birthday BL, you lucky gal!

Birthday Praise for Blake Lively
As if it's not enough that Karl Lagerfeld, the notoriously picky and judgmental fashion God, claimed Blake Lively as his muse, she's also stunningly gorgeous, talented, and has now ventured from Ryan Gosling to Leonardo DiCaprio to finally landing on Ryan Reynolds as her beau. Shesh! The creative director behind the fashion house of Chanel even took her as his date to the 2011 Met Costume Institute Gala. That's one lucky lady. I've watched one too many documentaries marveling on the fashion genius of the impeccably white haired Lagerfeld to know it's no secret his habits and demeanor can border on disturbing. This is the same man who bashed Pippa Middleton by claiming she should walk into a room backwards because her face was too ugly. Blake, you avoid his wrath unscathed for he chose you as his muse, his date, and the face of Chanel.
"I'm very much down to earth, just not this earth." Karl Lagerfeld
Only someone with Lively's style and grace could pull off the unthinkable act she pursued this past summer. Lively left her crown at Chanel to be the face of the new Gucci fragrance Gucci Premiere. She threw another curve ball by starring in Oliver Stone's violent film Savages, a part strongly contrasting her role in Gossip Girls. 

I've yet to see an outfit worn by Lively I haven't liked and I expect her to only get better with age. So happy birthday Blake! May it also bring luck your 25th birthday falls on the 25th of August, not like you need it. 

Who needs to be model thin when you can have assets and a man like BL?

Wednesday, August 22, 2012

Is the Future of the Wristwatch Timed Out?

Say It Ain't So

While there does seem to be a sudden influx of new wrist accessories emerging I for one am taking a strong stance in protest of them replacing my beloved wristwatch. In BOF's article a few days ago highlighting these new tech savvy, watch replacement devices, they seem to be suggesting the watch is in danger of extinction. I beg to differ. Even if I alone have to work hard to keep it in circulation. C'mon, how sexy is a man with a nice watch? It's also an excellent indicator of someones success. At my mid twenty age mark, I can make the general assumption that a young man sporting a watch is more mature and responsible than one with out. I know, your cell phone does the exact same thing. But I stand by my judgement, it's simply a fact. Judge your own male friends. Watch wearing = mature, responsible, many on the road already to employment/financial success. Watch less male friends = irresponsible, party animal, immature, (single). Don't kill the messenger. 

My friend Shane, a recently reformed bad boy, was gifted with a sexy Tag Heuer watch (below) for his college graduation (it only took him two or three extra years). But let me tell you, his maturity and sex appeal sky rocketed. All he has to do is flash the shiny seductive timepiece and the ladies come flockin'. 
Lesson be learned: if you're a bachelor, buy yourself a watch, roll up those oxford sleeves, and buy a girl a drink. You're golden. 

Shane's wrist @agirlcrush Instagram
Although, these new era wrist watch replacements so to speak may definitely be on to something. For one, they hook up to your smart phone. How much more connected can we get? I realize the cellphone is an essential tool in today's world, right up there with breathing, but what's next? Have some metal chip inserted under the skin of my forearm to connect me 24/7 to that vital lifeline of a phone? Not a bad idea actually. Like my purses, I tend to lose my phone a lot.

Most enticing to me is the Nike Fuelband. This seemingly little guy measures the amount of energy you exert a day and sends the data straight to your smart phone. Not to mention lights up in neon congratulatory lights when you reach your daily goal. Many of these crazy modern wrist devices, especially ones engineered by cell phone designers like Android, tell the time in addition to displaying Twitter posts, e-mails, and other points of interest gathered from your multi purpose cellphone. 

Apparently it's common knowledge these are to be worn on your left wrist, thus replacing a watch. Well, not I. There's always my right wrist and I eternally have space available for an additional accessory. Watches are too pretty, too classic, and too significant to come near extinction. Think of all the publicity Bubba Watson and his luxe half a million dollar watch helped win Richard Mille when he won the Masters.
To my people out there who unify with me in an inherent inability to deny the allure of top of the line luxury items, when it comes to desired timepieces my heart beats solely for a Rolex. I know, there are other more expensive watches out there. I mean I'd settle for a classic Cartier. There's just something about picturing a gold men's Rolex shining on my wrist that melts my heart. And when Carrie gifted Big with an engraved Rolex on their anniversary in Sex and the City 2 I dreamed of one day doing the same. After I have one gracing my own wrist first of course.

Victoria & Jennifer get it.
Chaz (my dad), if you're reading this, I know a Cartier watch can hit close to the cost of a year of my college tuition, but these things last a lifeTIME. I'd vow to be forever punctual. Check out all the celebrities who share a love for Cartier timepieces as well.
While my money doesn't yet give me the privilege to treat myself to any of the above I guess I'll have to stick to the all too common Michael Kors watches. Not to dis MK as he struck a goldmine with the release of his watch collection, but I'm sick of wearing the same damn design as probably 9 out of 10 other people my age. 

However, while a majority of the time I'd prefer the classic grandfather timepiece, I do occasionally love the sporty, colorful watches of brands like Shark and Nixon. See my sleek black Nixon below. These watches also stop at a much more friendly price point. They're particularly great for boys not yet at the maturity level to handle a shiny more expensive watch. My friend Raj, (who may be at the maturity level ready for a real man's watch, however his friends who chronically borrow his things certainly are not)  has a fabulous enormous hot pink Shark watch I'd love to sport around in. Only real boys wear pink. 

If any watches are in danger of extinction because of the outburst of the Nike fuelband and similar devices, it's these. I will always prefer a men's watch on my wrist over a dainty woman's. So all you grandfathers out there, pass that family heirloom on down to your granddaughter. She'll be the most envied girl in school. 
@agirlcrush Instagram

Friday, August 17, 2012

Arm Candy Bag

Designer Spotlight - Reece Hudson

Reece Hudson is an Italian designer handbag collection that has recently rose to the forefront of my radar & birthday list (October 15th people). Namely because the F/W 2012 collection includes a piece of fashion brilliance. Is it a bracelet? Is it a bag? Is it a bag chained to my wrist so it'd be sheer insanity if I managed to lose it in a drunken stupor? The later happens more often than you'd think. Well, yes. It's all the above.  Not to mention incredibly snazzy and gorgeous. For an absent minded life of the party individual such as moi, a purse chained to my already obnoxiously bracelet covered wrist is exactly what I need. After a chronic leaving clutch on bar, losing clutch, waking up next morning sans clutch to realize it's gone spree, I switched over to the more practical, less compact, cross body bag trend. However, with turning the milestone quarter century this fall, I feel exploring a new age clutch covered in gorgeous lucite like the two below might just be in the cards. And it's chained to my freakin' wrist for petes sake! Baby steps toward fashion maturity. + agirlcrush instagram

Finding a price, even in the ball park, for these bad boys was near impossible with just the internet. Sadly though I couldn't shield my eyes from exposure to the fact Reece Hudson bags (and far less fancy) typically seemed to topple somewhere over the unavoidable grand mark. Rationalizing expensive purchases is something that comes amazingly easy to me. So, in the case for the beauties above, the part where the bag is chained to my wrist, granting minimal, if any, losing ability, while adding to my arm candy collection of bracelets is 100% the selling point I'm running with. What's yours? Also, if any readers know the price of these - let a girl know. I was too apprehensive to call Reece Hudson directly and have my heart broken with 5 digit possibilities. 

Some equally stunning Reece Hudson bags..

1/2 of the Reece Hudson design duo...

top is