Wednesday, August 29, 2012

Sex Sells

Sex Sells Shoes. Atwood's Shoes Also, Sell Shoes.

Sex sells and fashion was born to push all kinds of envelopes. So why ban Brian Atwood's Fall/Winter 2012 campaign billboard from atop his own store in Manhattan? The ban was granted by the building owners who reasoned the ad campaign was "too sexual." Um, hello. The ad features a total dark & handsome babe, who bears resemblance to Atwood himself, and Victoria Secret model Candice Swanepoel. Yes, it's sexual. But too sexual? I don't think so. Even more punishing, Atwood's video promoting his fall/winter collection originally made to play in the back of New York taxi's  has also been banned. They've settled on a PG version featuring a link to Atwood's website should taxi riders be intrigued to see more. Okay, maybe the fact the video features the VS model watching various rolls of pornography is a bit too racy for the eyes of all the screaming children who encompass New York cabs around Christmas time. But hey, they gotta learn somewhere. 

Not only are these ads hot but they're doing their job. I now desperately want, no NEED, these shoes. Shoe campaigns shouldn't be anything but sexy and over the top. Shoes are the single most sexy object of fashion a woman can wear. I mean I don't care if it was the Italians or the Egyptians who invented the high heel (as is commonly argued) but whoever it was, THANK YOU. Heels will fucking transform you. Not only do they physically elongate your legs and thin out your silhouette but strap a pair of some sexy stiletto platforms on my feet and I'm simultaneously convinced I'm a bombshell. So shoe advertising should naturally only reflect and focus on their extreme sex appeal. It's no secret, sex sells. Perfumes are the only excuse for a campaign that should compete on the sex o meter of ad campaigns with shoes. 

Accomplished shoe designers are constantly experimenting attempting to go where no designer has gone before. This causes many normal people to question if the shoe is too over the top, heinous, or in actuality, perfect. Their campaigns should ignite similar feelings of confusion over whether the ad's absolutely ridiculous or utterly amazing. (And of course ignite feelings of urgency to run out and drop over half a grand on a pair.) This campaign proves it's totally worth it. Purchasing a pair of Atwood's f/w 2012 collection seems to guarantee you one giant orgy!

With Rachel Zoe and Jessica Alba as two of his biggest promoters we should expect nothing but bigger and better from the talented and fairly young American designer. Some more jaw dropping Rachel Zoe die worthy Brian Atwood designs below.

Color block Leopard? Incredible.
My favorite Brian Atwood design..

Brian Atwood Fall/Winter 2012/2013 Presentation
Don't forget if you wish to see more of the banned video featuring the leggy VS model, it's available on Brian Atwood's website ;). 

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