Tuesday, August 14, 2012

Bomber Jackets: Classic vs. Color


Burberry Prorsum has embraced the infamous bomber jacket design fabulously year after year. Perhaps Burberry Prorsum's reign as THE bomber jacket "leader" so to speak was a little intimidating for other designers to compete. I can sympathize as I so badly wanted a bomber jacket but refused to settle for anything other than what I thought to be the premier one. However, Burberry does not stand alone this year in their elitist design of the bomber: Rodarte, Prada, Alexander McQueen, Moschino and more have strongly joined the ranks for both men and women's bombers in 2013. Oh, and the bombers of 2013 are not lacking subtlety either. Think metallic and pops of color. Couples that dress together stay together. I think someone wise once said that? Regardless, I'd seize that opportunity at longevity with his and hers bomber jackets. If the relationship should end, at least you invested in a fabulous jacket. 


Question of Fall: To go with the classic eternal look of the Burberry shearling bomber or spice it up with a vintage colorful Moschino? I could certainly rattle off reason after reason for the obvious need for both. Which would you choose?  



Rodarte image from stylelist.com


  1. I love how girls look in bomber jackets, however if I went on a date with a guy who was wearing a similar one to mine I would run and hide. Whoever said "couples who dress alike stay together" was definitely european or lived in northern liberties, and was probably talking about the matching skinny jeans he and his girlfriend shared!

    1. thanks so much for your(my first)comment J! I think you, similar to myself, could adapt the phrase to mean that our MEN would be wearing the manly version of the bomber jacket. Not one that could pass as a woman's. However, I do know the Sid Vicious & Nancy Spungen skinny jean sharing couples you're referring to all too well ;)

  2. None of the above should be worn by guys. We should only be wearing a proper bomber/pilots jacket the type made by Alpha Industries (which also look great on women and as long as they were diff colours, could be worn as a couple...)

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