Thursday, August 30, 2012

Make a Statement

Goodbye Statement Necklaces, Hello Statement Earrings

It might be time to gather some ice cubes, some needles, and an apple or two. See scene in Parent Trap (LiLo's still innocent) when ears need to be pierced at summer camp with minimal resources in order to fool your parents when switching places with your estranged twin sister.  So those holes in your earlobes that haven't been utilized in quite some time, if you're like me then it's circa freshman year of high school when it was "cool" to put as many holes up your ear as the skin would allow, well, it's time to send a post through those nearly closed holes again. Statement earrings, multiple in one lobe even, are making a comeback. Maybe there's hope for my Gothic industrial bar I'm too scared to take out after all. Yes, the below is probably weighing this poor girl down like you wouldn't imagine but hey, beauty is pain and she looks stunning.

I will probably need to ease into this trend before whipping it out in full force. Mostly because when I wear dangly earrings out I tend to pass out/fall asleep with them still in resulting in a wake up to painful earlobes and broken expensive earrings worn once. Like I said before, I'm taking baby steps towards fashion maturity. With that, I'd ease into this trend with manrepeller's statement earring Jacquie Aiche ear bar stud below.

Grant it this trend should probably be freshly executed in the appropriate crowds. I'm not sure how attractive boys will find, let alone understand, a hot girl sporting the aggressive statement earring below. If looking to draw attention however, this is your in. What other purpose are statement earrings supposed to serve anyway?

This trend is reminiscent of some fabulous old time fashionistas like Brigitte Bardot, Twiggy, and Edie Sedgwick

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