Friday, September 7, 2012

Badass Bohemia

Happy NYFW

Although sadly not in attendance (wearing black all week to mourn the fact) hasn't stopped me from viewing countless videos of New York Fashion Week for Spring 2013. Obviously to view all the cutting edge collections but also ya know, pretend I'm front row next to the likes of Anna Wintour and SJP. Totally normal.  Two shows that really excited the pants off me were Veda and to my surprise BCBG Max Azria. Nothing against ole faithful BCBG but usually they just ain't my thing. Tends to remind me with cruelty of my stressful last minute formal dress needs from high school. Only to show up in the same BCBG dress as the much better looking, better bodied hottie a year older. But this year, impressive. My inability to deny anything where leather's involved may have also made an impression. Not to sound like an S&M fanatic here, but their leather harnesses...gimmie dat.  BCBG's spring color palette  seemed to strictly stay among the white, black, and salmon variety and it worked together beautifully.

My favorite dress from the collection is the white one shown below. Check out those S&M harness like lines across the bodice of the dress seen in nearly all styles of the collection. Probably my favorite constant in all the designs I've yet to see from this years shows.

Looking for a party, possibly a rave? Then Veda is right up your alley. Lindsey Butler's collection for Veda Spring 2013 encompassed everything I'm about and so much more.  After viewing BCBG's runway show, seeing Veda forced a rethink of my idea to stick to a primarily black and white wardrobe. Nothing against Chanel, but what fun is that? As said, "This collection is all about mixing it up, as if the peace, love and Bohemia suddenly got a darker "bad ass" edge." Leather was not scarce in this show either. And with designer inspiration ranging from Alfred Hitchcock to Hell's Angels old ladies to acid tests; how could one go wrong? Urban Outfitters did a great job covering the collection on instagram.

 3 above  all

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