Friday, September 21, 2012

Intergalactic Planetary

Dorkyness Is Trending 

Not only do I  now have a Balenciaga handbag on my lengthy Christmas list (yes, I begin building my Christmas list in September...of the previous, previous year. Don't judge me), but also can't resist including one of these amazingly nerdy Balenciaga sweatshirts as well. Perhaps as an entertainment factor for when my dad sees their gaudy appearance paired with a price point higher than my monthly credit card limit and his jaw hits the floor. It's sick but honestly, it's satisfying. I recommend you try it, it'll make your designated gift giver appreciate the more reasonable wishful requests. These puffy 80's reminiscent sweatshirts promoting nerdy attractions were out in full force during fashion weeks from New York to Milan to London. Mila Kunis admitted to once being an obsessed video game dweeb. That fact along with these awesomely bizarre sweatshirts make the fashion that much stronger. They're so weird and bad they're good. 

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