Thursday, August 2, 2012

Just Can't Say No...No Matter How Broke My Bank

Girls everywhere, I know you feel me, there is a {long} list of things I can never EVER gather the strength to say no to no matter how broke my bank. It's a vicious endless cycle because my bank is more often than not broke because of the fact I don't say no to things I "can't" afford. { "Can't afford" is a very loose term I've come to find. } I could be eating with food stamps and I assure you I will prioritize that leather jacket from Rag & Bone over eating a well balanced diet...or willingness to pay that awful co pay at the Dr.'s office when they see you for .5 seconds...or prescription I could really use for my get the point. Pretty things>My Health.

 To any of my girl crushes out there who have boyfriends and/or boy.friends. who roll their eyes at our "ridiculous" spending habits, I dare you to bring up those golf clubs (that new driver will make his shots go so much further, i SWEAR), that collector's football jersey (there will be a new one next year), or club box seats at a championship game (the game will only last about 2 hours) and see their, no doubt, stuttered response. Whoever pretends, and you're pretending, to not have a list of things you can't say no to - get off your high horse and join the party. It's way more fun to be broke with beautiful things. The brand name "Young Fabulous & Broke" had to come from somewhere!

1. Evil Eye Jewelry
Not only does this ward off evil and protect from bad energy (oh, yeah, I believe in all that jazz) but there's something about the evil eye design I can't get enough of. Guarding yourself from evil will certainly never go out of style and I find it unlikely the evil eye design will either. This diamond evil eye necklace to the right (I die) is perfect with just enough  subtlety to be a part of your everyday wardrobe. However, I am a big supporter of layering on those gold necklaces. The necklace is designed by Sydney Evans. She alone could be added to this list of designers I can't say no to. She has a plethora of gorgeous jewelry with inspirational images (evil eye, hamsa, crosses) and quotes (breathe, love, hope) to choose from. But don't say I didn't warn you, it might put a sliiiight dent, shall we say, in your bank account.

2. Skulls, Skulls, Skulls, and more Skulls
My love for skulls started senior year of high school and honestly, I'm not quite sure why. I think I was just finishing up a rather dark phase of my adolescence. While my black nail polish and scary eye liner have disappeared my obsession with skulls (and black clothes) still remain. My current "Shirts with Skulls" count is approaching 2-0 (scary). But do I really need another shirt with a skull on it? Yes, yes I do. I'm not complaining either, it seems this trend is really starting to catch on. Kris Kardashian, for one, gets what I'm talking about. Skull scarves adorn that woman every other episode! More noteworthy though, NastyGal, Wildfox, & Jules Smith appreciate a good skull or two ranging from shirts to bangles., prepare yourself, Alexander McQueen's "clutches?!!!??!!" GENIUS!!! The designs and assortments are never ending! And to picture that with the McQueen Hermes esque skull bangles??! I haven't been that excited since the day my dad FINALLY let me buy my first "mini" high heel. Yes, I was the last one of all my friends to sport a pair. Typical.

3. Over sized Sweaters 

While I love me a good sweater just as much as the next shivering individual, an OVER SIZED sweater? I'm sold instantly! The awesome thing about my closet collection of over sized sweaters is their price range. We have $3 from Salvation Army and Thrift Stores to $345 dollars for my Vince sweater. Here's a perfect example of what my father (and probably bank) consider an "illness." I walked into Bloomingdale's the other day and there was a BEAUTIFUL pale pink Vince sweater already on sale for an additional 50% off!!! That is charity! God obviously wanted me to have a pretty pink cashmere sweater, obviously. Smart man. Yes, I know $200 is still pricey for a sweater. Yes, I know it's August and I won't be wearing any sweater for at least 3 months. And yes, I know Zara will probably release its twin in the Fall. And lastly, yes I know I buy that sweater and won't be able to put gas in my car but 3 words: I.DON'T.CARE. I will live in that thing. Not to was Vince. 

I could go on and on and on about the many additional items I find my self "yes-ing" when I should be locking my wallet, putting it away, and tying my hands behind my back. 
But, some others I just couldn't bear to leave out: 
*Concerts (live music - it's the greatest thing on earth), 
*CHASER tee shirts (I don't give a sh*t if I can't name all Pink Floyd's albums, that tee shirt is the not to mention THE most comfortable thing to ever grace my body), 
*any & and ALL gold jewelry, namely bracelets. Jewelry = drugs. Seriously, I'm addicted. I sincere apology to my unborn daughter, but....bury me with & wearing all my jewelry. 

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