Tuesday, January 22, 2013

The More Homeless Looking. The Better.

Quest for the Perfect Slouch

Do I look homeless? Do I look too homeless? Do I appear homeless looking enough? These are the major questions stressfully running through my mind every time I attempt to adorn my head with a beanie. Especially now with the extreme chill in the air, what better way to keep warm and look homeless (aka cool) at the same time. The beanie gets a lot of undeserved crap from people if you ask me. Too hipster, can't pull it off, looks like you just finished picking trash blah blahdie blah. Talk to the hand.  It's a fantastically brilliant and edgy accessory. If there's extra chill in the air, you wish to swap a jacket for a hat, having a bad hair day, desire some added bad boy flare to your look, VOILA, the beanie will save the day. However, one very important rule: must. have. the. perfect. slouch. It's not okay for your beanie to resemble Little Rascal Alfalfa's infamous hair spike. 







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