Thursday, October 25, 2012

The Right Way to Wear Plaid

Clad in Plaid

After coming off the Far Hills, NJ horse race weekend, otherwise known as "The Hunt," I'm re-cooperating from an extreme overdose on flannel, plaid, and Patagonia. What's worse, I attended probably one of the worlds preppiest colleges this side of the Mississippi so I've been spending the past two years post graduation still trying desperately to recover from all the horribly pastel covered, plaid, paisley, and pearl wearing get ups I witnessed during my college career. Woof! But plaid is a tough one. I don't hate it with the passion I hate pastel Lilly and paisley. It's a classic design that's here to stay. However, there is with out a doubt a right and a wrong (a very wrong) way to wear plaid. You boyz out there are guilty of this too. The key to pulling off plaid correctly, (to not look like your about to go fake pumpkin picking and play around in some hay to pose for the "perfect" fall picture) is to mix it up with some trendy and non conventional pieces. Or, you could always take a page out of the Olsen book and grunge it up. Or is it down? See these lovely ladies below that took the plaid but left the prep at home. Do you really want to be "that girl" who looks like she just inherited daddy's trust fund and is taking a break from her regular country club routine? Yes, I admit it's hypocritical coming from a girl who would do anything to carry a Chanel bag worth more than my car while at the same time decked head to toe in seemingly "F21 tee shirt replicas" branded Rag & Bone, Alexander Wang, Isabel Marant and Elizabeth & James. So bite me. At least I wouldn't look like I'm leaving a snooze fest tea at a country club. I'd look like I was leaving the best damn party you wish you were apart of. One day. 

Small Disclosure: Once I stopped believing in God I stopped going to confession.  I remember it used to feel good. So here it goes, I do in fact belong to a country club and boy, do I love their tea. I know I deserve the hypocritical finger pointed right at me. "Ligas".
manrepeller via
And last but not least my human friend Kerry who pulls off the right plaid just as well as the beautiful freaks of nature above. Ignore the floating head below, if only she was wearing plaid. 

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