Thursday, October 11, 2012

They're Baaack

So Not Over, Overalls

Believe it or not, I am excited about the comeback of overalls I've been spying on all my favorite fashionistas. Like, Jessie Spano "I'm so excited." Which is fitting because she definitely sported a light acid washed pair a time or two in her Saved By the Bell days. Yes, Jessie Spano's excitement from an overdose on caffeine pills is an overused and abused reference, but it's oh so fitting here I couldn't resist. I must admit the resurfacing of vintage pairs are my favorite. I will be ransacking every Salvation Army and Thrift Store in a 160 mile radius until I find my very own. Who knows, maybe high folded over white tube socks and Keds will be next. With a modern twist of course. What child of the 90's doesn't want to relive their Full House and Adventures of Mary Kate & Ashley days? I believe that's where I saw my very first pair of coveted flower power overalls. And now look how far we (and they) have come with our style. Anythings possible and from someone forever voting for the underdog, I can't resist supporting a comeback of any kind. I stand in stronger support voting in favor of the resurfacing of overalls than a future presidential candidate. Maybe that's a stretch...but a wise woman once said, "I don't believe in the Democratic or Republican parties, I just believe in parties." Preach, Sex & the City, preach.

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