Wednesday, November 14, 2012

Sorry Boys

Super Size That

Ahhh, man repelling at its finest. The baggy, optionally grunge induced look I love most: over sized sweaters. The only time I am not somewhat mortified to publicly utter the phrase, "Can you super size that?" When it's in regards to a sweater. If it's in regards to an extra large sweater fit for 3 of me I'll scream that inquiry across a department store. I apologize in advance fellas for those of you still holding on to the hope of catching a shear glimmer of your ladies bodily assets with the invasion of cold weather. But unfortunately for you, I'd say, you're shit out of luck. (And seasons away from those summer bikini views you crazy males love so much). I do feel for you but excuse my lack of sincere apologies, it's out of this world comfortable. Some women may even go as far to say they feel sexy in their baggiest of bag sweaters (guilty).  My most favorite XXXXL sweaters I found at my local thrift and Salvation Army stores. Sometimes I "lol" imagining those who inhabited these woolen masterpieces before my good fortune (and thrifty eagle eye) landed these heavenly pieces into my possession. Ergo, one mans trash is another mans treasure. 50 Cent or "Fiddy" used this phrase a few months ago in reference to Kanye West's scoop up of Kim Kardashian and I've been dying to quote his genius repetition of the common phrase ever since. My accomplishment of the day, it truly is the little things in life...and over sized sweaters.

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