Friday, November 9, 2012

Trending: "Sleeveless" Coats

Doesn't Quite Make Sense, but Hey, It Looks Cool 

What more reason do you need to embark on following the lead of a new trend (even one you don't quite understand) then a.) it looks cool b.) every body's doing it c.) cool looking people are doing it. May sound like that nasty cigarette trend but I assure you, it's not. However, I can't promise you won't get sick from this but it's certainly not as deadly. The peer pressure factor; will it ever go away? This trend has been running rampant since fashion weeks around the world just as quickly as it will probably spread the flu among all the fashion forward individuals following suite. At least they looked cool for awhile. The trend reminds me most of my little elementary school nuns. The poor gals had no idea they were ahead of the fashion curve when they took their frail arms out of those wool sweaters to leave it sitting on their shoulders draping down the sides.  I knew there was more to them then tissues and rosary beads. The point is, have a gorgeous coat? Even better one that's supposed to keep you snuggly and warm through these cold winter days? Well, refrain from putting your arms in the sleeves and perch that guy on your shoulders. It may take some practice to walk while succeeding in the jacket failing to fall off your shoulders but these ladies make it look worth it. I can promise you two things from this: a cold and one awesome posture. 

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